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I aim at the practice to provide a friendly atmosphere, where all patients are made to feel very welcomed and at home and can receive treatment of the highest standard, which is carried out as efficiently, conveniently and painlessly as possible.

The waiting room has up to date magazines and daily newspapers as well as plenty of not broken toys to amuse children, there is cold mineral water available for free. There is music as well as in the surgeries and I even try and change to more contemporary style when I have mainly children sessions! (I draw the line at heavy metal!)

I try and get to know all my patients to make them feel at ease and it is a real delight to be treating in some cases a third generation of some families. If a patient has a complaint, which is rare, we have a complaints procedure but generally the complaint is resolved informally by discussion between dentist and patient. I hope all our patients recommend us highly!

I am aware that time is money for some patients, so we cater for that by having extended working hours-we finish at 6.15 once a week and open at 8 am two occasions. Being a school chair of Governors and with 4 children myself, I understand the importance of school so we try and see children in the school holidays or after school and in the case of orthodontics, I devote 2 afternoons from 3.30 onwards to seeing only children so they don’t have to miss school.

With regard to painless treatment, the secret is slow and careful local anaesthetic and I pride myself generally giving an almost painless injection.

I indicated on the opening page my interest in treating nervous patients and there are various aids available but I find the most effective with very nervous patients is the use of hypnosis which does not involve the use of any drugs and I can guarantee is a very relaxing experience.

Dental Surgery Montage

Dental Surgery Montage

Hours of opening:

Monday 8.30 – 5.30
Tuesday 8.00 – 5.45
Wednesday 8.30 – 5.30
Thursday 8.00 – 5.45
Friday 8.00 – 2.30

For appointments: 01502 572467

Out of hours emergencies: 01502 572552

If you have any general questions about the profession, then you may find the answer from the General dental Council,

We both as dentists adhere to the rules, regulations and principles of dental practice as laid down by the General Dental Council.

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